Concealed Carry

Texas License to Carry (LTC)

Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a great responsibility. We provide initial LTC/CHL training, and advanced training for real-life situations. If you are going to carry, you owe it to yourself to get training "beyond the LTC" so you can carry with confidence. 

Home Defense

Handgun Fundamentals and Home Defense

The home is a sacred place for family. In today's world, the home is often the target of criminals and opportunists. Do you have a home defense plan? Do you know what you would do in the case of a home invasion? We will teach you how to defend those you love.  

Advanced Training

Defensive Handgun and Private Training

Many people get their License-to-Carry, hit the range a couple of times per year, and think they are prepared to defend themselves in a real-world defensive situation. Our Advanced Training programs take you beyond the LTC, and train you for real-world defensive situations.

We are proud to be affiliated with D.R.A.W. Academy, the nation's premier personal defense and defensive handgun ONLINE training system.

For nearly a decade, Law Enforcement departments across the nation have benefited from, and been fundmentally impacted by this training. Now this same training is available to the civilian market! This training is a departure from tired, traditional training methods, and will transform you firearms training experience through its proven, science-based approach.

Instructor's Affiliations

instructor's Affiliations

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