CCW Safe

CCW Safe is a legal service membership plan that was designed for CCW permit/license holders, active and retired military and law enforcement officers, and gun owners. CCW Safe is not an insurance plan, but a legal defense service plan.

CCW Safe takes on the burden of the expenses associated with defending a self-defense/use of force critical incident. These expenses can include attorneys fees, investigators, experts, and other associated costs, such as depositions, document fees, trial exhibits, and more.

CCW Safe does not have the conflicts of an insurance product because the company is designed to indemnify the cost of the incident and not the outcome of a trial. It is not a reimbursement package and no money is required to be paid back to the company regardless of the outcome. You are covered in all states that honor your permit, and in all 50 states where you can legally possess firearm.  

CCW Safe members will not have any out of pocket expenses associated with defending a self defense incident, nor will they be limited by a policy cap on defense costs. 



BarrelBlok is a simple, easy-to-use training and safety device that quickly converts your firearm into the ultimate training tool in seconds! It is designed so the user could realistically train while maintaining the full mechanical functionality of the firearm.

Nothing is FASTER, SAFER or more REALISTIC than BarrelBlok. PRP highly recommends this as a must-have for serious firearms owners.



Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue.

From state legislatures and city councils to the United States Congress and the White House, GOA represents the views of gun owners whenever their rights are threatened.

The more concerned Americans join Gun Owners of America, the more we can do to protect the Second Amendment and our freedom. We need you! Shouldn't you become a member of Gun Owners of America?



Texas State Rifle Association

TSRA is considered the premier firearms association in the Great State of Texas!

The tens of thousands of members from across the state include individuals from all walks of life who have a common goal in protecting the rights of the law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

Regardless of whether you own a firearm or not, if you believe in supporting the U.S. Constitution and supporting the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens, then the TSRA is for you.

TSRA works diligently on your behalf, providing you with a strong voice in the State of Texas regarding your rights with firearms and their use. As a TSRA member, you are helping yourself and other Texans enjoy the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Membership also provides the advantage of being informed on national and state firearms and Second Amendment issues.



Front Sight - Nevada

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is one of the nation's leading firearms and personal defense training facilities.

As a lifetime member and frequent trainee there myself, I have found Front Sight to be a vital part of my training discipline. 

PRP Training Solutions is proud to recommend Front Sight, and will resume offering ONE (PRP) group training opportunity at Front Sight each year. CONTACT BRIAN HOLMES FOR MORE INFO



Grab-A-Gun is my favorite provider of firearms and firearms related accessories. Located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Grab-A-Gun has become a nationally respected dealer and go-to resource.

I highly recommend Grab-A-Gun for all your firearms needs. Before you buy your next firearm from a big box store, give Grab-A-Gun a chance to earn your business. (I am NOT an affiliate, just a happy customer.)



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